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Fusion Development Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are eligible to participate in the Fusion Development Program?

Fall 2014, Winter Indoor 2014-2015 and Summer 2015 Age Groups: 

  • U7: Birth dates from August 1, 2007 – July 31, 2008

  • U8: Birth dates from August 1, 2006 – July 31, 2007


Fall 2015, Winter Indoor 2014-2015 and Summer 2016 Age Groups: 

  • U7: Birth dates from August 1, 2008 – July 31, 2009

  • U8: Birth dates from August 1, 2007 – July 31, 2008

Equipment Required & Safety Rules

Equipment Required:

  • Soccer shoes (NO TOE CLEATS). 
    • Recreation soccer players may wear tennis shoes, although soccer shoes are recommended.
    • FDP players must wear soccer shoes. 
  • Shin Guards - It is mandatory that all players wear shin guards, completely covered by their socks.
  • Soccer Ball - each player must bring their own properly inflated, properly sized soccer ball to all games and practices.
    • Fusion Development Program = Size 3
    • Pre-K to 2nd Grade = Size 3
    • 3rd to 6th Grade = Size 4
    • 7th to 10th Grade = Size 5.
  • Water bottle - Players must have enough water at all games & practices (approx. 2 quarts)

Safety Rules:

  • A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to themselves or another player.
  • If a child wears glasses, glasses should be secured with a headband.
  • If a player has earrings, including newly-pierced earrings, they must remove them in order to play in the game - NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • Band-Aids or tape over the earrings is not allowed.

Fusion Development Program General Questions

Q: How do I register?
A: Register online at www.plymouthsoccer.com

Q: What are the registration dates?
A: Please see individual season details. 

Q: What age group should I register my child for?
A: FSC will assign players to an age group team based on their birth date. 

Q: How are teams formed?
A:  By gender and age group. Play-with requests and school attended will be considered. Age groups will be combined to form teams if there are not enough players for 4 teams within each age group. 

Q: Can my child play for a team in a higher age group?
A: Individual requests will be considered. Please contact the FSC Office or the FDP Program Director and a final decision will be made after discussing the player’s experience/skills with you.

Q: Is it possible for my child to play with a friend?
A: Yes. One play-with request only is allowed at online registration. If the play-with request involves players in different age groups, the player in the lower age group MUST play in the higher age group, if approved. 

Q: Is it possible for my child to play with a specific coach?
A: We do not allow Coach Play-with requests. 

Q: Where are practices and games held?
A: Summer FDP: Wayzata West Middle School fields. Fall FDP: Plymouth Creek Playfields and Ridgemount Playfields.  Winter Indoor FDP: Wayzata Central Middle School Dome.

Q: What time are practices and games held?
A: The schedule will vary. Summer & Fall start times will be either 6:00pm or 7:15pm. Winter Indoor start times are 8:00am or 9:00am.

Q: Can I drop my child off at the field and go do other things during practices or games?
A: We strongly recommend that a parent/guardian be present with their child during the time they’re at the soccer field, in case there are any problems with the child during the event. 

Q: Are practices & games held during inclement weather?
A: All practices/games in Summer & Fall are outside and are played in all weather, with the exception of lightning or poor field conditions. Players should dress appropriately for the weather. Parents/Guardians should use their judgment on sending their child to the event. Winter Indoor sessions are held indoors, but the dome is often chilly in the mornings - please dress your child appropriately.

Cancellations will be posted on the FSC website and the FSC Weather Hotline.  If your are uncertain, please contact the FSC Office or your Coach.

Q: I'd like to volunteer to coach. How do I proceed?

A: Thank you! The Fusion Development Program uses volunteer coaches. Please check the Coach Volunteer question in the online registration when you register your child.  

Q: How do I get a uniform?
A: Uniforms will be ordered online for Summer and Fall FDP. You will receive a link to the uniform online order store with your registration confirmation. Once ordered, uniforms will be distributed at the fields before the first game. All players will order a full uniform kit (Two jerseys, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks). Winter Indoor FDP Sessions include a jersey.

Q: Is there an additional cost for the uniform?
A: Yes, you are required to pay for the uniform when it is ordered. The cost is TBD for Summer 2015. The uniform will be worn for the 2015 Summer through 2016 Fall seasons. 

Q: What size soccer ball should my child have?
A: U7 & U8 age groups use a size 3 ball. 

Q: What is Fusion Soccer Club policy on registration refunds?
A: Requests for refunds must be received, in writing, at the FSC Office prior to the date specified on your registration for each season. FSC will not consider refunds requested after this date, unless we are unable to place your child on a team. Refunds will be in the form of a credit voucher for future FSC programs and will be minus $50 for administrative fees.