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June 25, 2014 PSA+WSC=One Club 2015 Competitive Team Tryout Information Announced


PSA + WSC families,
Thank you all for your interest, enthusiasm, and most of all patience as we travel through this club merger process. It has been encouraging to hear from so many people who embrace the idea of ONE community club. Here is an update on a few questions that have come up often. 

Tryouts - our goal was to get the tryout schedule up on line by Friday, June 20. We are a few days late, but happy to announce that the schedule is now up and available online at either club website. It was impossible to keep the exact schedules that had already been published by each club, but we did try to stay within the windows allowed by MYSA and get as close as possible. There are some things new to both clubs, so please make sure to read the details. We will continue to update the age group details and tryout FAQs, but wanted to get the schedule up now. There are a few changes and details to be aware of:

  • All players must register for Tryouts in advance. Due to the fact that we are still working on merger details, our registration link is not yet active, but should be ready to go around July 11th. 
  • Make sure you look at the correct age level on the schedule. Age levels change in the Fall, so your child will play one level up from where they are currently playing. (ie current U11 players try out for U12).
  • US Club Teams: We will have some teams play US Club instead of MYSA soccer at U10, U11 and U12. We will have informational meetings on this before tryouts - - dates and times to be determined. 
  • Age/level tryouts: For many age groups, we will have Premier & C1 team tryouts first, and C2/C3 tryouts several days later. Please see your particular age group for details. 
  • Play-ups - if you are interested in playing up, you must attend your own age level tryout, plus the age level you wish to play to. There is no separate fee. There will be a place in the registration to note your desire to play up.
  • Injured players - there will be a place in the registration to note that you have an injury that will prevent you from trying out. A doctor's note is required. 

Uniforms - Competitive players from both WSC and PSA purchased new uniforms this season. To date, no decision has been made on new uniforms for the merged club and we are looking at all options to either maintain use of current uniforms or minimize the cost of new ones. If you know of a company that is looking for a great opportunity to sponsor a youth organization, please contact Maureen Brick (pres@plymouthsoccer.com) or Jami Oppold (marketing@wayzatasoccerclub.org).

Tryout evaluations - we intend to have representative from both PSA and WSC at tryouts for each age level. PSA players need not worry that they will be evaluated only by WSC coaches, and WSC players need not worry that they will be evaluated only by PSA coaches. Both clubs will work together.

Thank you!
Links to Tryout information pages: 
PSA website: http://www.plymouthsoccer.com/page/show/1269512-tryouts-for-2014-2015-season
WSC website: http://www.wayzatasoccerclub.org/news_article/show/397943?referrer_id=531112
Maureen Brick, PSA President
Brian Carlson, WSC President
Jon Lowery, PSA Director of Coach & Player Development
Tony Peszneker, WSC Director of Coaching & Player Development

June 10, 2014 Communication to all Players, Parents & Coaches at PSA+WSC

PSA+WSC=One Club

To the families of Plymouth Soccer Association and Wayzata Soccer Club,

The Board of Directors of both clubs would like to communicate that we have each passed resolutions to finalize an agreement to merge Plymouth Soccer Association and Wayzata Soccer Club into an entirely new club to better serve our community.   

While we acknowledge that our two clubs have historically had a healthy rivalry, discussions between us over the last nine months have increasingly revolved around the question of “How can we better serve our players and families?” The question has led us to working together on several policies across both clubs, such as reducing the number of player transfers/releases and improving dome time transitions between the two clubs, working together to lease and share the 101 practice fields, and sharing the expense of new goals for the site. Ultimately, these seemingly small successes in working together have led to serious discussion centered on fusing the two clubs into one.

PSA and WSC currently compete for players, teams and coaches. We share referees, fields and facilities. Most importantly, we share the same community of families with soccer-playing children. Together, our clubs serve Plymouth, Wayzata and surrounding communities, with players feeding into over 30 different high schools. Combining these two long-standing, highly-successful clubs into one club is in the best interest of our players, our families, our community, and the sport of soccer as a whole.

In the end, we believe that one club will make for a stronger, more sustainable soccer entity and, ultimately, one more able to serve our community today and into the future.  

Tryouts for 2015 Competitive teams will be held jointly by PSA+WSC at the end of July and teams will be formed for the new club. Jon Lowery will be Director of Coach & Player Development for the new club, and will direct the tryout process with the help of staff from each of the current clubs. There will be more information coming soon regarding Tryouts.

We know that our families will have many questions about this news, and we respect and welcome questions and feedback. While there are still many details to work through, we have established an FAQ page which will be posted on the website of each existing club within the next 24 hours to reply the questions we can answer now.  We will keep you updated with details on progress and new information as it becomes available.

Please direct all questions to the following email address, and we will post answers on the website, or reply directly. psa.wsc.oneclub@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued patronage and support!

Maureen Brick, President, Plymouth Soccer Association
Brian Carlson, President, Wayzata Soccer Club