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Tryout Details

Questions? We have tried to answer all your questions here and on the FAQ page. Please read through the information. We will keep it updated as more details are confirmed. If you still have questions, email: psa.wsc.oneclub@gmail.com or call the PSA office at 763-450-3099 (11am-6pm Mon-Fri). 

Tryout RegistrationAll players MUST register online for Tryouts in advance. If you register less than 24 hours prior to your first tryout, you must print and bring your confirmation email to checkin. You will not be considered for placement on a team if you are not registered.

Informational Meetings:  Prior to the start of tryouts an informational meeting will be held to inform parents and players of the tryout process, club philosophy, play levels offered, and specific age group agendas as it pertains to what the teams will be doing and who will be coaching them. 

  • U9-U12: Parent Meeting Monday July 14, 6:30-8:00pm at Wayzata High School Auditorium, 4955 Peony Ln, Plymouth 55446. (Enter through the Auditorium door on the front side of the school)
  • U13-U18: Parent info meetings will be held 15 minutes prior to the start of the first sessions of Tryouts for each age group. 

Attendance at TryoutsAll players are expected to attend tryouts. While we understand that dates have been adjusted due to the merger, and families take vacations, attending tryouts is the best way to ensure proper team placement. If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot attend tryouts, your player must register for tryouts and provide written notice of absence with registration. Failure to provide written notice of absence means you will not be considered for placement. If you are interested in placement on the top team in an age group, it is highly recommended that you attend tryouts. All players not in attendance are at risk for not being placed on a top team. If you will miss tryouts for any reason, you must still be registered to be considered for team placement.

Injured PlayersPlayers who are injured and unable to participate in tryouts must register for Tryouts and indicate a medical reason for non-participation in the registration. A doctor's note must be provided. Previous season player rankings and coach evaluations will be used to place players on teams.

What to Wear & Bring to TryoutsWear a non-identifying, non-soccer club tshirt. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and an inflated soccer ball of the appropriate size. Shin guards are required. 

Tryout Locations: Please click HERE for directions to all our Tryout locations.

ParentsParents are not allowed to be near the tryout fields, or to speak with players, coaches or evaluators during the session. For U13-U18 parents, plan to stay for the short informational meeting at the start of the first session, then leave the tryout area.

Play-upsPlayers wishing to play up a level must indicate this desire on the registration, and attend tryouts at that level. Players are also encouraged but not required to attend tryouts at their MYSA age level. 

Philosophy: Our Model of Player Development is dependent on players being placed on the correct team. The goal of the club is to have players in the appropriate learning environment as it relates to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game. To do this, we are committed to taking the anxiety out of the tryout process and creating an environment where the July tryout is just one assessment of the player's level and one factor in where he/she will be placed. Player placement is not determined solely on tryout performance, but rather by the following factors:

Previous Season Evaluation:  Each coach in the club as well as the Director of Coaching is continuously evaluating players and during the summer season will be completing player evaluations on each individual. These evaluations are intended to keep each player and parent(s) updated on the current status as well as potential future status in the club. Following the summer season, each coach will then provide the Director of Coaching a ranking of each player on their roster and make suggestions for each player’s future team selection. This will be done collectively as well as by position for each Competitive team. This document will be a starting point for the next cycle of team selection.

Commitment:  Commitment to the team as it relates to attendance for both training and games during the entire travel season. A player’s involvement with outside activities will be assessed and the staff will determine the best interest for the club and particular team for a player’s potential involvement. Premier and C1 players should pass the 70% rule and are expected to attend regularly in all seasons to provide a proper training environment for team and player development.

Tryout Performance:  The player's evaluation from the tryout is very important and will be a part of the decision-making process toward team selection. Each player will be exposed to small-sided games and as dictated by age, full-sided games. 

Small-Sided Evaluation, 3v3, 4v4:  Each player will be given a score during the small-sided evaluation process. 1-4 (One being best) will be used to place players on small-sided fields with the players of a similar ranking. During the session players will be adjusted and moved with the goal of finishing the two hour session with a ranking to be used in generating rosters for the next tryout, full-sided scrimmages. The evaluators will be looking for the following qualities during the small-sided games when determining a player ranking:

  1. Comfort on the ball
  2. Technique: dribbling, passing, shooting etc…
  3. Movement: An understanding of playing off the ball in both the attack and defensively. How well do they transition between both phases of the game.
  4. Physical: size, speed, strength etc…
  5. How competitive is the player: Desire to work hard and compete

Full Sided Scrimmages U9/10 6v6, U11/12 8v8, U13+ 11v11:  The players are now placed with positional demands as it relates to the big picture and roster formation is created as the variables from the small-sided assessment are plugged into the game. Players will be regularly moved and evaluated in different positions with different levels of competition with the goal to have the roster formation begin to take shape during the games. For each age group, at the end of the four-hour tryout the top team in the age group and the next team below it should be very close to being complete. The team selection meetings will be the final opportunity for conversation and opinions prior to roster announcement.

Team Placement:
While every effort is made to place every player on a Competitive team, keep in mind that MYSA roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out at an age group may prevent placement of every player. All players must be evaluated for placement on a team.

Player Evaluation/Tryout Exceptions:
We recognize that there will be instances when a player is unable to attend tryouts/evaluations as scheduled. To be included in the process and be placed on a Competitive team, all players that will miss one or both sessions for their age group are required to:

  • Register for Tryouts. Check the box noting that the player will be missing one/both sessions, note any details regarding the reason for the absence (medical condition, family emergency, etc.) and pay the non-refundable registration fee.
  • It is important to notify us when an excusable absence (medical condition, family emergency, etc.) makes participation in the evaluation process impossible.
  • If a player has a situation that simply does not allow them to be evaluated, efforts will be made to place the player appropriately based upon coach or club-provided player evaluations
  • The best opportunity for an accurate player evaluation is for players to attend all sessions for their age group.
  • Preference will be given to players that attend tryouts/evaluations.
  • Because the team nature of these sessions, no makeup sessions are offered and players must attend their own age group.
  • Players who have not registered and paid or have outstanding balances will not be allowed to participate.

Team Formation & Announcement of Rosters:
Players for each team will be selected at a Team Formation Meeting attended only by invited staff, coaches and evaluators.

Teams with identified coaches will make every effort to contact their players following email notification.

Competitive teams will be formed and rosters announced. Players on Premier and C1 teams will have 48 hours to accept a roster spot and commit to playing for the merged PSA+WSC Club. C2/C3 rosters will be announced later, and C2/C3 players will have 72 hours to commit to the offered roster spot. U9/U10 players will have 48 hours to commit. 

  • U9/U10/U11 Teams will be announced by Monday July 28.
  • U12-U18 Premier/C1 Teams will be announced by noon, Thursday July 31.
  • U12-U18 C2/C3 Teams will be announced by Monday August 4.

Rosters are not final until all players have paid their appropriate commitment fee plus any past due balances. Payment must be received in the office within the stated time period after website notification. After that time, the club may offer roster spots to other eligible players.

Team formation and notification for every age group and level is expected to be completed by Friday, August 8th.  


NOTE: Parents will not be allowed to contest team placement of any player in any age group. Rankings are confidential and will not be shared.